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Hot Summer Reading

In my effort to step up my language learning and get it on a war footing again (only about two months left till the exams FFS!) I have joined a reading challenge called Hot Summer Reading, which is run by a book blogger I follow. I feel slightly out of place in it since the other participants all seem to be young, portuguese book bloggers who arrange their beautifully-colourful books like displays of fruit, and Instagram them to near perfection. My entries are a bit dingy by comparison. The idea is I’ll read two Portuguese books (“O Principezinho” and “O Mandarim”) and one in English (“The Puppet”) and at the end I’ll write a post or record a youtube video, describing them all, in Portuguese, of course.

There are some other challenges but I’m not sure I can fit those in on top of everything else. They mainly consist of making lists of favourite books, but since I’ve only read a handful of Portuguese books I don’t have much to say about those and it seems a bit obtuse to recommend a long list of books in English to a group of portuguese people, so I’ll just stick with doing it in my own way.

Todos temos critérios diferentes para o que faz de um livro perfeito para o verão. Para algumas pessoas, deve ser de um autor conhecido, de um género específico (terror, ficção cientifica, uma aventura amorosa) e com um final feliz… ou apenas trágico também. Mas para mim, existe apenas um critério: quão grande é? Os livros mais novos, com capa dura são tão grandes que não posso levá-los comigo. Mesmo a maioria dos livros com brochura hoje em dia são demasiadamente gordos e largos. Por outro lado, alguns livros do tipo "Penguin 60's" são demasiadamente pequenos. Depois duma hora a ler sob uma árvore, o livro acaba e então não há nada para fazer. O que desejo – o meu livro ideal – é um romance pequeno o suficiente para encaixar no bolso na perna dos meus calções. 100-300 páginas, que não mais do que quinze centímetros de largura. E se fosse escrito por PG Wodehouse seria perfeito! #hotSummerReading2016 #hotsummerreading

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5 thoughts on “Hot Summer Reading

  1. My Portuguese reading has gone up in holiday smoke 😦 I need to get back in the saddle next week. Am embarrassed to face my teacher, and I know exactly what she’s going to say!

    BTW, Colin, what’s with the two “withs” in the headline below “Luso”? Maybe I’m just not getting it…

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    1. *choke*
      Has that always been there? There were a couple of weird side-effects of changing the template. I found and squished as many as I could. I hope that’s another one and that I haven’t been advertising my idiocy for the whole world!


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